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Use it or lose it!

During these “novel” times, there is a great deal of opportunity to use it or lose it. Physically, intellectually and emotionally, current situations give us all the chance to build up critical skills and characteristics or let them slowly wither away.

Physically, less time commuting allows us to get in more steps, work out and cook healthier meals. The transmission characteristics of the corona virus has also brought the importance of cleanliness front and center. We have the power to limit spread by simply washing our hands more frequently, being more mindful of what we touch and how we breath. Alternatively, sit on the couch, eat fast food and count on others to clean the many things you touch.

Intellectually, the differences of opinion relative to race relations and politics, provide an opportunity to learn more about these critical topics. If we do not expand our minds with opposing viewpoints, and instead limit it to only common perspectives, our capacity to learn will surely be minimized. Remember, these are chances to understand and grow, not necessarily agree.

Emotionally, these days provide wonderful opportunities to grow, for ourselves as well as in support of those around us. Getting in touch with our hearts and feelings is critical for emotional health and growth. Understanding how the challenges of 2020 are impacting your sense of control and general levels of confidence will enhance your ability to respond to future situations and effectively contribute to the success of others.

The current times are unprecedented to say the least. However, these same times provide wonderful opportunities to learn and grow. Intentionally capitalize on the challenges of your current physical restrictions, intellectual differences of perspective and emotional challenges to strengthen your individual potential. The alternative is to have physical deterioration, intellectual decline and emotional decay. Unacceptable! Actively expand your physical, intellectual and emotional capacities or lose them. The choice is yours.

Enjoy the journey!


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