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Show & Grow!

Recently, I saw a post suggesting that bosses and managers shouldn’t expect 100% from their employees at this time. My belief is that the great majority of employees want to do their best and deliver their individual 100%. The unfortunate reality is that most work environments do not expect, encourage nor recognize performance. Whether individual or team, success requires cultures of show and grow.

Show! High performance individuals and teams are at their best when they can apply their full complement of knowledge, skills and characteristics in support of common and agreed upon goals. Not only are they able to put their talents on display, but their performance is recognized in ways that are important to them. Practically, high value-add communications and behaviors must be rewarded, while less desirable ones should be addressed in a constructive and timely manner.

Grow! Not only do high performers want to show, but they also want consistent growth opportunities. Superstar individuals and teams are drained by status quo environments. They want to be appropriately challenged and supported to get better and improve on a continuous basis.

High performer … are you one? Are you in an environment where you can show and be recognized for your contributions? Does your organization provide opportunities and resources to feed your innate desire for learning and growth? Remember, you get better at what you practice. Make sure you are part of creating and maintaining cultures that contribute to the success of individuals and teams, not only to their survival. Actively practice showing and growing, individually and as part of a team!

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