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Running to …

Why is it easier to run away from something, rather than run to something? I believe it is a result of practice and a need for urgency. Instead of fight or flight, the choice is flight or face. Flight from what? Face and fight for what purpose?

Running away is usually in response to something negative, a reaction to perceptions of threat or difficulty. Instead, proactively practice running to situations and relationships that give you energy rather than drain. I have been blessed to be running to my wife for over 30 years. She continues to give me support, appropriate challenge and most importantly energy to face what life dishes out. What characteristics are attractive to you? Run to beneficial relationships and situations rather than constantly running from destructive ones.

If you decide to face and fight, what are you fighting for? I remember when my kids resisted studying a subject they hated. I told them that in life there will always be times when you are required to do things you do not enjoy. However, if you get practice caring about and putting forth effort at what you do not like, imagine how much better you can be at things you do love. At work, many of us avoid conflict and difficult people. In fact, the person who can manage conflict in a productive way, will be recognized as more valuable. Face challenging situations and use them to build critical and competitively valuable skills.

Different from you running away or running to, actively give others reasons to seek you out? Share technical expertise and exhibit characteristics that others find attractive. Do not engage in activities that would prevent people from running to you. Practice one of the most important skills for leadership success, empathy. Not necessarily agreeing with someone, but just taking the time and energy to understand their perspective.

What do you practice running to? Proactively pursue relationships and situations that energize rather than drain. In addition, purposefully engage in behaviors that others find valuable, giving them reasons to run to you. Recognizing that you get better at what you practice, choose to practice running to rather than running away!

Enjoy the journey!


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