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"Did I say that?!"

As a leader, or an individual who wants to remain relevant in your significant relationships, there are a couple of phrases to be strictly avoided. The two phrases that do not contribute to team success, but only to individual ego development, are “I don’t care” and “I told you so.”

Assuming you want to be perceived as adding continued value, never say, “I don’t care!” These three words usually highlight frustration and take you immediately out of the game. Anything said after that simple communication carries less importance and corresponding influence. The stronger and more useful statement is, “I do care!” “As such, I want to convey my opinion so you can make a more educated decision.” Disagreements are fine. Disengagement is unacceptable.

Worse than “I don’t care” is “I told you so.” ITYS only serves your individual ego. In the process, maybe inadvertently, it puts down the receiver and reduces the chance of future interaction. Instead, try “I’m sorry that didn’t work out. What can we do differently next time?” It is perfectly fine if they share, “I should have followed your suggestion,” but not coming out of your own mouth or through your expressions. Being right is super nice, but not at the unnecessary expense of another.

Staying in the game and helping others to remain engaged is more critical now than ever before. We cannot afford to have people important to us withdrawing. Whether in a company or family, giving members reasons to stay actively involved is essential. Eliminating the phrases, “I don’t care” and “I told you so” will improve your relationships and improve your chances of being both valued and appreciated.

Enjoy the journey!


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