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Commitment vs. Convenience

This weekend I had the honor of officiating my first wedding! After 31 years of our own wonderful marriage, it was a true privilege to preside over the union of two young folks as they begin their life together. Excellent!

It got me thinking of how many different roles we play during our lives. These roles may include that of child, parent, life partner, employee, boss, etc. No matter the specific relationship, for life success, it is critical to understand what is expected and the recognition of commitment, not convenience.

In your various roles and relationships, confirm what the expectations are as well as what makes them successful. Especially during these COVID times, how are you managing changing expectations? Should you raise or lower and how much slack should you allow?

To best answer these questions, it is important to understand the impact of meeting/not meeting agreed upon expectations as well as individual capacity. Expectations must be upheld the more critical they are and the greater the number of people impacted. We must also consider the personal capacity of individuals including physical, emotional and personal situations. Only then can we best manage expectations.

Relationships are also about commitment and promises made to one another. It is about making agreements and investing the necessary time and energy. Relationships, and the accepting of roles, are not about convenience and fulfillment only when it fits into one’s schedule. Successful relationships are characterized by prioritizing others over oneself.

In these “novel” times, it is even more critical to efficiently and effectively use your limited resources. Begin by confirming expectations of the various roles you fill. Identify the primary stakeholders and come to agreement on how success is measured. If, given current situations, adjustments need to be made, make them and get everyone on the same page, minimizing wasted time and energy. Keep in mind that truly successful relationships are built on commitments, not convenience.

Enjoy the journey!


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